How To Fix If McAfee Antivirus is Using 100 CPU and Memory

mcafee-isWe all must be aware that McAfee Antivirus is one of the topnotch security service providers. There are numerous products that are under this brand name and are protecting laptops and PCs against threats and malwares. McAfee Support process uses the McShield.exe program to provide the service. This software has multiple documented use-cases and in many cases causes the program to take over the CPU of the computer. A user experiencing the same if brings the Windows Task Manager can see that the program is claiming 100% of the CPU space. As a result, other programs which require CPU power to work render the system literally unusable. Following is the guide to fix McAfee 100 CPU usage problem.

The McShield.exe process is one of the most important components of any McAfee Antivirus software. It is the active defense or the antivirus part of the McAfee software. It is designed as such to protect the computer from the malwares and spywares and remove the existing infections if any. It is recommended that a system using the McAfee software should have at least a 1 GHz CPU and 2 GB of RAM on the Windows computers as mentioned on McAfee Customer Support website.


If the computer in which McAfee Antivirus is installed is underpowered with its hardware part and doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, the McShield program uses more CPU cycles that it normally should and as such the computer system becomes slow. For more information about the McShield you can contact McAfee Support Phone Number. Also, the McShield.exe contains the McAfee on Demand Scanner program which can further overload the CPU. If the ODS threads are assigned a higher priority they can consume the total CPU space and thus the computer is rendered useless. Also some users install the multi thread McAfee versions onto their computers which again demands more CPU space.

These sort of problems can plague the whole computer system and some software and program which require CPU power to work are rendered totally useless and unusable. In such an event, it is necessary for users who have installed McAfee Antivirus to check on certain things from McAfee to avoid the consumption of the total CPU power. Given below are certain conditions to be checked by the user:

McAfee 100 CPU

  • Whether the archived scanning is turned on or not. If it is on, turn it off in the on-access scanner properties.
  • Check if there are any events related to McShield.exe in the Windows event logs
  • What other McAfee products are running on the workstation?

To fix McAfee 100 CPU usage problem, you can follow the following steps or get in touch with McAfee for online assistance:

  • Press CTRL+Alt+Del and then select the Task Manager
  • Click on the Processes Tab
  • Now click on View and then select Columns
  • Next select all of these given below
    1. I/O Writes
    2. I/O Write Bytes
    3. I/O Reads
    4. I/O Read Bytes
    5. I/O Others
    6. I/O Other Bytes
  • Sort according to each of the findings by each of the I/O columns displayed. By doing so you can come to know of the many processes that may be consuming a large amount of disk I/O.

You can simply end those processed that are consuming much of CPU power and your computer will be just fine. Hope this article and the tips mentioned here are useful for you, if not we would suggest you to dial McAfee Technical Support and get in touch with Official support person for complete diagnosis of your computer.

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