How To Fix If McAfee Antivirus Scheduled Scan Is Not Working

mcafee scheduled scanMcAfee Antivirus is one of the most sought after security suite for providing security to computers and laptops. McAfee Antivirus contains a host of unique features which gives a tough competition to other security software in the market. One such feature is the McAfee Scheduled Scan which is not present in many antivirus software in the market. A scheduled scan is one of the most distinct features which check your PC or computer for viruses and other malwares on a regular basis. To ensure the continuous good health of a PC or computer, scheduled scan is a very necessary component of McAfee Support which must be included in a security suite. By default, the scheduled scan feature of the McAfee Antivirus software performs a scan of your computer ever week. But you can always customize the process according to your suitability and needs.

How big and reputed an antivirus software is, it is always prone to problems in it performance at some or other point of time. In that case, a proper troubleshooting is necessary to solve the issue. Same is the case with McAfee Antivirus software. Sometimes you scheduled a scan for a specific date and time, but the scan is not done as per the schedule by the McAfee Antivirus. Those who do not have insufficient time to sit and perform a full scan of their system, the scheduled scan feature is one of the most important feature from McAfee Customer Support. But when McAfee Scheduled Scan feature itself does not work, it becomes difficult for those types of users and as a result their computer and PC become exposed to all types of malwares and viruses thus causing threat to the security and safety of the system. When your scheduled scan stops performing, you can follow the following tricks to put back everything to place and resolve the issue with McAfee antivirus software.


Let’s check out the following ticks to fix McAfee Scheduled Scan not working issue:

  • If any high priority updates are pending for your device, whether it is a computer or laptop, update them quickly or contact McAfee Technical Support for help.
  • Scheduled scan starts only when it detects that your system is lying idle. Stop working on your device or else the scheduled scan can get delayed. If you want the scheduled scan to proceed, stop everything that you are doing on your device.
  • First login as the administrator of the device and then only you will be able to start with the scheduled scan.

When the Mcafee Scheduled Scan time is reached, McAfee Antivirus itself stats monitoring your device. If there is no mouse or keyboard activity for ten minutes, the CPU usage monitoring is started. If the CPU usage drops to 10% or so for the next ten seconds, the McAfee Antivirus scheduled scan starts.

The tricks above can help you in achieving the scheduled scan at the right day and time without worrying for performance manual scan. If the problem persists, we recommend to call McAfee Support Phone Number for further troubleshooting of McAfee antivirus software.

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