How to Fix My Kindle is Talking to Me Problem

kindleI love my Amazon Kindle device due to my love of reading and I am one of the most satisfied users who are using Amazon Kindle for years. My love of reading started few years back when I used to read paperback books but it was not possible for me to carry all of my books wherever I go. Thus I decided to purchase Kindle Fire so that I can purchase books in electronic format and I can carry them with me all across the world. It gave me liberty to read my books in electronic format whenever I want and no one can stop me. My experience with Kindle was so good that I never need to call Kindle Support for any kindle of help.

Few days back, all of the sudden my Kindle started talking to me and trust me it was so annoying that I didn’t touch my kindle for few days. I did everything that I could to shut it up but all in vain, I couldn’t stop it. It was telling me each and everything that it could weather it was starting or my reading percentage. I was feeling like I am a blind person and it was guiding me to operate my Kindle. I was about to call support but then I realized that this is actually a great feature made available by Amazon to people with visual problems so that they can use the device with voice command but still it was a big problem for me and I wanted to turn it off anyhow.

I spend few hours on search engines to find out how can I turn it off. My kindle is talking to me and I was not able to stop it even if I strongly wanted to do so. I spent few hours on search engine to find out how to turn off this feature. So here are the instructions that you need to follow if you have the same problem that I said “My Kindle is Talking to Me”. I believe you won’t need Amazon Kindle Support of any kind and you can do it easily by yourself.

  • You need to go to “Settings”, double tap the top bar and pull it down to view “Settings” option.
  • If you can see “More”, again double tap on it.
  • Now you will see “Accessibility” option, double tap on it as well.
  • Now you will see “Voice Guide” or “Screen Reader”, turn it off as well.

My Kindle Is Talking to Me

Note: This feature is called “Voice Guide” or “Screen Reader”, while this in on, you need to double tap to select or open anything, single tap won’t work.

You can also call Kindle Help if you are not able to follow above mentioned instructions and a live person will guide you over the phone to turn off this feature. People at Kindle Tech Support are really great and always want to help customer in the best possible way. If they won’t be able to fix “my kindle is talking to me” over the phone, they will most probably send a technician at your place.

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