How to Fix Kindle Fire Wireless Connection Problems

kindle-wifiYou own a Kindle Fire. The browsing of the internet in the Kindle Fire totally depends on upon the Wi-Fi. You cannot connect to the internet with the mobile internet or any other method. You have to totally depend on upon the Wi-Fi for the internet connection and browsing the internet. So you are trying to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, but you are unable to connect and you are getting some error like this “Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi”. At that moment, this error makes you angry. But do not take tension; here is the solution of the Amazon Kindle WiFi Connection Problem on Kindle Support. I have shared tested method to fix Wireless Connection error in Kindle Fire.

Reason of Wireless Connection Problems

There may be many reasons for this problem, so make sure that

  • Check that is there any problem with Wi-Fi network? For doing try connecting any other device with your wireless netwrok, if that device is not connecting then check your Wi-Fi modem then try to contact Kindle Tech Support Phone Number.
  • Check that whether Airplane mode is off or on. If it is on then swipe it to off, because you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, when Airplane mode is on as mentioned in Help.
  • You know the Wi-Fi password to connect to the internet and there is one more parameter to check that is your device is up to date?  If not, then update your device.

Fix Kindle Fire Wireless Connection Problems

Kindle WiFi Connection

Restart Your Kindle WiFi Connection
You need to restart your Wi-Fi connection. So first of all, swipe down the screen from the top, open the notification screen. Now you will see the icon of Wi-Fi, click on that icon to put off the wireless connection. Now after some time click on the same icon to turn on the Wi-Fi and then try to connect to the internet. If your issue has not been resolved then call Amazon Kindle Support or proceed further.

Restart Your Device
Now you need to restart your Kindle device. Restart your Amazon Kindle Fire and then try to connect.

Restart Your Modem to fix Kindle WiFi Connection
Restart your Wi-Fi modem. After restarting your modem, you can check that you are connecting to your Wi-Fi or not? One more thing do not go far away from the Wi-Fi device, be in the range of that.

Choose Channel 1-11
Check that the Wi-Fi router is set to connect to 1-11 channels. You can check it into your Wi-Fi router setting. For additional help, you can follow the router’s company guide and help.

Hope your issue has been resolved.

Over to You
In this post, you have learnt how to fix wireless connection error in Kindle Fire. So now I can proudly say that you can now fix wireless connection errors. If again you are unable to resolve this issue and getting the same error get in touch with Amazon Kindle Fire Support.