How to Fix Kindle Fire USB Connectivity Problem with PC

Kindle USB ConnectionYou have Kindle Fire and you wanted to connect Amazon Kindle to your PC through USB. Kindle is connected to the computer to share some data and content or doing some other thing. But while connecting Kindle with PC, you are facing the problem. The problem is that “Kindle fire isn’t recognized by the Computer”. So do not worry, we have shared the solution of Kindle USB Connection problem from Kindle Support. We have shared the solution for every operating system. Either you are using Windows, Mac or Linux; here is the solution for every device.

Reason of Kindle USB ConnectionProblem

There may be many reasons for this USB connectivity problem. Before going to the solution make sure

  • You have properly connected the PC with USB & Kindle.
  • Make sure your computer is not in sleep mode.
  • Make sure your computer has USB drivers installed on it.

After ensuring all these above proceed to the further steps to fix the Kindle Fire USB connectivity problem, alternately you can also call Kindle Technical Support to get some help with this problem.

Install Appropriate Software on your Computer
You need to install appropriate software in your computer system to transfer content to your Amazon Kindle. So first make sure that you have already installed or not? If you have not installed, then here is the link to install that software to send data to Amazon Kindle.


For Mac
For Mac operating system, you need to download Android File Transfer software on your Mac before you can transfer any data to/from Kindle Fire.

For Windows
On Windows operating system, you must have proper USB drivers installed on your computer. You need to check if you have the drivers, if not, download and install USB drivers on your computer from the manufacturer website. You can also take some help from Amazon Kindle Support on this.

For Linux
For Linux user, you need to install MTP USB drivers to recognize the Kindle Fire through USB to your computer system. You can get it online easily.

Restart Your Computer System
If again your Kindle USB Connection problem is not resolved then you need to restart your computer system and also restart your Kindle Fire too. Then check that your USB is recognized by Computer or not.
Now, hope your problem will be resolved, if not we suggest you to contact Amazon Kindle Fire Support as soon as possible.

Wrapped Up
Here in this article, we have fixed the Kindle USB Connection problems. Now I am damn sure that you will be able to fix Kindle Fire USB connectivity issue.