How to Fix Kindle Frozen Issue On Kindle Fire OR Kindle PaperWhite

Everyone loves the smooth running of the Amazon Kindle devices. So you have Kindle device for reading e-books and another purpose. If your Kindle is error free then you will enjoy the smooth processing of your Kindle device otherwise you might need to call Kindle Support very frequently. But every electronic device gets some error and crashes. So, Kindle device got crashes sometimes. This error embarrassed you, I know understand your feeling, because I was also facing Kindle Fire Freezing issue, then I researched a lot and got the appropriate solution of Kindle Frozen problem. So here, I am going to share that solution to solve the Frozen Kindle issue. Hope it will help, you can also contact Customer Support if you are facing such problems with your Kindle device.

What is Kindle Fire Freezing Problem?

This is the very common error of the Kindle Fire, there are many users who are facing this issue on their Kindle device. Sometimes your Kindle device automatically restart/reboots itself, which is the crashing of the system. There are many things that may cause Kindle Frozen issue on any Kindle device such as you might not have restarted your Kindle device for a long time. Whenever your Kindle Fire Frozen then first thing that you need to do is to try to restart your Kindle device. Kindle PaperWhite Frozen is another common issue on older generation Kindle device. Most of the Kindle Frozen problem can be avoided by following this step by step guide.

So if you are also facing Kindle Fire Frozen error, then you can fix it by following our guide.

Kindle FrozenFix Frozen Kindle Fire

If your Kindle freezes a lot then follow the steps below to solve your issue. Similar instructions are also available with Kindle Help to troubleshoot your Kindle device problems.

Clear Cache Memory

For solving this issue you need to clear the cache memory of the Kindle.

  1. Go to the Setting, then Application Manager.
  2. Now you can clear the cache of the particular application which is crashing.
  3. If silk browser is crashing, then in application manager, tap on the silk browser.
  4. Then press on the clear cache.
  5. If your Kindle device is crashing then clear the cache of the each application which is available in the application manager.
  6. You can clear the cache of each application one by one.

Restart Kindle Fire
You need to restart your Amazon Kindle after the clear cache process. So you can restart your Kindle by above method, which I have shared above.

Fix Frozen Kindle PaperWhite

Sometimes the Kindle’s screen works slow or freezes, then you can quickly fix it.

First, make sure that all the process are ended, the touch screen is clear and clean, the battery is charged, then you need to restart your Kindle.

For restarting Kindle follow the steps

  1. Press and hold the power button till 40 seconds.
  2. After 40 second release the button and press power button once again.
  3. Your kindle will start now.

If again you are facing Kindle PaperWhite Frozen issue, then update your Kindle, reset the kindle or contact Amazon Kindle Support for further diagnostic.

Now, you have successfully fixed the Kindle Fire crashes/Freezes issue. Hope you have completed all the process without any issue and error.

Wrapped Up
We have provided you the best solution for this error. Hope you have solved your issue, if doesn’t kindle call Amazon Kindle Tech Support immediately.

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