How to Fix Java Errors in Pogo Games

pogo-comPogo games, especially the online ones have become much popular among the youth and the children. The popularity is just not hype; it is true because of the innovation in the games that Pogo has brought about. The Pogo games are not only meant for entertainment buy they are quite informative. Playing these games can give your child’s imagination a new direction. The creativity with which these games are created is incredible and they are fun to play. Follow we will let you know how to fix pogo java error in pogo games.

Java is a programming language which is used by the game developers at Pogo to design those wonderful games we enjoy. Not all but there are certain Pogo games which are designed by using JAVA. Sometimes, you may face some problems while playing these games or the games may refuse to load because of certain Java related errors and we are here to address those issues and do a proper troubleshooting for Pogo Support in java enabled Pogo games.

Before you proceed with the troubleshooting, make sure the game you are facing problem related to Java plug-in.

Enable Java:
When you’re getting Java errors in your Pogo games, the best and the first step towards a successful troubleshooting is to verify whether your Java is enabled in your browser or not. If not, enable your Java from Pogo Help. This is just a simple check before beginning the actual troubleshooting. To begin with the troubleshooting, launch your web browser and follow the following steps for different types of browsers:


Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on the TOOLS icon and go to INTERNET OPTIONS
  2. Click on the ADVANCED tab
  3. Scroll down to browse the list for JAVA
  4. Now check the box next to the JAVA entry and click on the SECURITY tab
  5. Click on the CUSTOM LEVEL button
  6. Now, scroll down the list for SCRIPTING OF JAVA APPLETS
  7. Verify if the ENABLE button is selected or not
  8. Click OK to save any changes

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on TOOLS and then go to OPTIONS
  2. Now click on the CONTENT tab
  3. Make sure that the ENABLE JAVA SCRIPT has a check on it
  4. Click on OK to save any changes made

Google Chrome:
Java forms a part of the applet and hence there is no need to enable Java in this browser.

After enabling the Java, try to access any Pogo games. If you are able to access, then you needed just to enable Java. If still, you are not able to do so, you need to update the Java software. You can download the Java free and run it in your windows. The installer will guide you through the process. Now again access the Pogo games. If you are able to so, its fine. But if you are again facing problem, you need contact Pogo for further diagnosis.

Try to download the most recent Windows and install it in your PC. Follow strictly the instructions given by Microsoft and you will be able to install the most updated version of Windows on your computer.

If you are still facing problem playing Pogo games, you can try clearing the cache of these browsers which have come to help of many users. For further assistance you can also call Pogo Technical Support and get in touch with experts from Pogo Tech Support so that they can find out the actual problem on your computer.

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