How to Fix Invalid Item Error on Kindle Fire HD

My love of Kindle is almost 10 years old now, it started when I purchased my first Kindle Paper white, I have used it for almost 5-6 years and moved to Kindle Fire HD that I purchased couple of years back. I have always been a fan of Kindle devices as they lighter than any other tablet in the market and it makes easier to carry them all the time. Kindle Fire HD now has more features that were missing in Kindle Paper White like Silk web browser and big screen size that mean I can watch full hd videos on my Kindle Fire without any problem. During these 10 years I didn’t need to call Amazon Kindle Support as I didn’t face any problem with my loved device. But recently when I tried to open my books I got this Kindle Invalid Item error message.

“Invalid Item: This item is protected with DRM and cannot be read on your Fire. Please remove the item from your device and download it again or purchase a copy from the Kindle Store.”

Kindle Invalid Item

I have noticed that it was happening on all of my books, even the ones that I have directly bought from my Kindle Fire device. All of the sudden I was not able to read any of my books instead I was getting this Kindle Invalid Item error. Trust me it was so frustrating I wanted to through my Kindle device. Kindle device is meant to read ebooks and it you can’t do that on this device, Kindle is nothing. I tried many things but nothing worked. Then I decided to call Amazon  for the first time in my life but unfortunately I was not able to understand telephonic instructions.

I was stuck in a situation where I could do nothing with my Kindle. I kept calling Amazon Kindle Help for two consecutive days but my Kindle didn’t open anything for me. It was just lying on the table, I was not able to use it. At last by spending 3 days with Amazon Kindle Tech Support I have succeeded to make my Kindle work for me. Here I let you know what I did to fix this item is protected with drm error, hope this will work for you as well. This is a mix of few things that you can try.

Soft Reset: You need to press and hold the power button for full 40 seconds, Kindle will reboot once you leave it. It is just forcing your Kindle device to restart. Sometime this might work to resolve many Kindle related problems.

De-Register and Re-Register: This was my second step to get my Kindle back to life.

If above steps didn’t work for you to fix Kindle Invalid Item then archive all of your books to the cloud by removing them from the device and download them again from the cloud. This was the thing that worked for me.

During these full 4 days, I realized that Amazon has very good Kindle Technical Support for Kindle users but sometime you have to fix the thing yourself. Hope above mentioned steps will work for you.

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