How To Fix Download Error on Amazon Kindle Device

kindle-001Amazon Kindle device is really an awesome device for reading e-Book. For reading E-books, you need to download it from the Amazon. After downloading you can read it. Apart from the e-book, you can also download apps and games too. But what will you do when you are facing Kindle Book Download Error on your device while downloading most probably you will call Kindle Support. If you do not know what to do to solve download error in Kindle device, then do not need to worry, you have landed at the very right post. Here in this article, we are going to share a complete guide to solve download error in Kindle device. By following this simple guide, you will able to fix download error.

How to Fix Kindle Book Download Error

1. Check Internet Connection
First of all, you need to check the internet connection. Because downloads are directly related to the internet. Some internet providers do block download and some apps on Kindle. So it is recommended to check the internet connection to contact Amazon Kindle Technical Support. You may also switch to another internet connection and then try to download. Avoid large file downloading on Amazon Kindle, if you have a slow connection, try to download the large file when you have a high-speed connection.

2. Check Antivirus Setting to fix Kindle Book Download Error
In some rare case, your antivirus or firewall do block some apps or game downloading from the Amazon store. So you need to check the setting of antivirus. So in firewall do allow download from the on Kindle, if you are getting any warning from the browser. You can also add as trusted website. Get in touch with Amazon Kindle Support if you don’t know who to do this. Keep your anti-virus up to date. In the case of harmful download flag, you may contact the Antivirus support.

Kindle Book Download Error3. Try another Browser
If you are getting the error again while downloading then try to use another web browser on Amazon Kindle. You can choose another browser to download the things from the Amazon Kindle Fire Support. Some supported browsers are Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. You also need to check JavaScript is enable or not in the browser. If it is enabled then it is ok, if it is disabled, then enable it from the setting.

4. Restart Download to fix Kindle Book Download Error
You can get some issue while downloading on Kindle device, due to the internet connection, so you can restart your download once again. Before restarting the download, make sure you have deleted the old half downloaded file from Kindle. For restart downloading go to the library and choose the particular apps or game which you to download that. After selecting, you download will be restarted.

Hope you have resolved your download error issue.

Wrapped up
We have shared almost everything in our guide to solving download error on your Amazon Kindle device. So, I am damn sure that you will able to solve this issue in kindle device now.