How to Fix 3 Common Problems with Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire Common ProblemsAmazon’s Kindle is a beautiful device that lets you read books in electronic format anytime and anywhere. Same Kindle device can also be used to store your valuable documents and to send and receive emails from some of the most popular email providers like Gmail and Yahoo. However being a electronic gadget, you might also encounter some technical problems with it. Today we will help you to resolve some Kindle Fire Common Problems and other Kindle devices like Kindle Paper White and Kindle voyage. Detailed instructions to fix these problems are also available on Kindle Support website and other trouble shooting forums from where you can learn common troubleshooting of any Kindle device that might be helpful for you in future as well.

Problem 1: Kindle cannot connect to wireless network

Sometimes you might not be able to connect your Kindle device with your wireless router. If this happen then first of all you need to ensure that Airplane mode is turned off. If this does not resolve the issue then restart your Kindle and try to connect it again. If it is still not connecting then completely charge your kindle device and do a factory reset. This will wipe out all the data from your device and you need to register it again with Amazon account. For instruction on how to register Kindle, you can contact support provided by Amazon.

Problem 2: Kindle is not charging

Kindle Fire HD is powered by a massive 4550 mAh battery that lets you use your Kindle whole day without recharging it again. But some time you might have difficulty to charge your Kindle. If this happen then first of all check the charging cable, if it is damaged then change it try to charge again. If nothing works then do a factory reset and try to charge. If your Kindle device is under warranty, you need to contact Amazon Kindle Support to get it replaced.

Problem 3: Email is not working

These days many users are complaining about email issues on their Kindle device. Email accounts are either not working or they worked for a short period of time. In this case first of all you need to make sure that email account is properly configured. If you do not know configuration details like POP3 and SMTP server, contact your email service provider. If this does not solve the problem then there might be issue with the email app, try to reinstall it. If you still face the same problem, we would suggest you to get in touch with Kindle Fire Support for further troubleshooting.

If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above and these solutions didn’t work for you then you can also contact Amazon for Kindle Help by dialing their toll free phone number. Most of these problems can be resolved other the phone but if doesn’t then take your Kindle device to a local technician near you.

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