Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 2016 Review

Kindle Fire HDXThe competition of the technology is on the peak. So day by day we are getting new technology. The trends of the people are changing. So companies also want to meet the demand and trend of the people, they do not want to be on the last bench. So Kindle Support is also improving the features of the Kindle Fire eBook reader. They are adding new technology and the features and launching new Kindle Fire. Amazon has started their tablets with Kindle Fire, later on, they have launched Amazon Kindle Fire HD, now Kindle Tech Support has launched Kindle Fire HDX with improved quality and new technology. The new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has many new things and also improved things, so let’s check out the features.

Features of Kindle Fire HDX

Exclusive HDX Display
Amazon Kindle HDX is famous for its display quality. In the name, HDX added, which mean HD exclusive. With this new exclusive display you can go beyond the HD. Amazon Kindle Support stated that it has nearly a million more pixels than the apple iPad Air 2. So you can estimate the pixel of the Fire HDX. The screen resolution is the 2560×1600 and it has 339 ppi displays. It also features more than 4 million pixels for pictures and images.

Front facing 720p HD camera
8MP rear-facing camera

Thin & Light
Amazon Kindle Fire is thinner than any another Kindle device. To make single hand operation easier, Amazon has kept it light weight. Its touch layer is directly integrated with its glass display to make it thinner. Hardware and the outer design and the components are placed gently to make it look cool. If you want know more about its dimension and weight, you can call Amazon directly for detailed information.

kindle-fire-hdx-1Fast Quad Core Processor
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has ultra-fast quad-core processor. Which gives you higher processing experience, you can run an app within a second (faster than other tablets). It has 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, which enable smooth app launching and opening. It provides faster multi-tasking to its user. So Kindle Fire HDX’s processor will give you higher user experience. Kindle Fire Support is confident that you will like the speed of the processing on new Kindle Fire HDX.

Dolby Atmos Audio
The first time you will get Dolby Atmos in Kindle Fire HDX. It gives you the best experience of headphone music listening because it creates beautiful multidimensional music. So while watching movies you can experience each and everything in your headphone. You can experience every bit of the bullet sound, airplane sound etc.


4X Faster Wi-Fi
You can experience 4x faster Wi-Fi with Kindle Fire HDX because it has 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter. By adding this technology in Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon stated that the speed of Wi-Fi can be reached up to 600 MBPS. Which is 4X from the current generation technology?

Over to You
Thank you so much for being on this review. Here in this post, I have reviewed Amazon kindle Fire HDX. I have included the features of the Kindle Fire HDX, so now you can judge and choose your Kindle device. All the things are now in front of you. Hope you have liked our review.

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