Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2016 Review

Kindle Fire HDAs time is passing the new technologies and trends are coming day by day. Here you are on the review post of Kindle Fire HD 2016. So you are almost aware about the Amazon Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire HD is provided by the Amazon with Kindle Support. It is an HD tablet. Kindle Fire HD is an upgraded and latest version of Kindle Fire. As Kindle Fire was not HD, so Amazon has upgraded it to HD then it was launched in the market. As HD mentioned in the name, it is HD tablet. Kindle Fire HD is the thinnest tablet.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2016 is available in three sizes (There are much more sizes of the Amazon kindle Fire).

6 Inch
8 Inch
10 Inch

It is available in 4 colors. The internal storage of the Kindle Fire HD is 8GB and 16 GB. You can add up to 128GB external SD card by calling Amazon Kindle Help for the detailed instructions on this.

Features of Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD has beautiful HD display. It has a wide full HD screen of 1280×900. This screen has millions of pixel because of its 189 ppi pixel density. It provides bright and different pictures. So you can enjoy great visual experience on Kindle Fire HD. The display quality is very good. It has less distraction and also has fully laminated LCD screen.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has rear facing camera as well as the front facing camera. The quality of the camera is better than the Kindle Fire. The front facing camera is 5MP and the rear facing camera is HD camera. So you can record full HD video on Kindle Fire HD. The front facing camera is best suitable for good quality video calls, selfies and photos. Kindle Fire Support is also available on toll free phone number for instruction on how to use camera on Kindle Fire HD for better photos and videos.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD is fast and responsive tablets. It has fast quad core processor which consisting of two high-performance 1.5GHz cores and the amazing thing of processing of Kindle Fire is that two 1.2 GHz cores are running simultaneously for the smooth running of the apps as mentioned on the Kindle Technical Support webpage. So that you can smoothly browse the internet, play the game, watch the video etc. So we can say, it has good overall performance.

Battery Life
The battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HD is 2X than the newest launched iPad Mini. You can enjoy reading, watching, playing up to 8 hours. So it is more durable fire HD tablet. You can take it along with you whole day without any hesitation of the battery down. To increase battery life you can contact Amazon and ask the representative how to increase its battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Some More Features

Improved Fire OS 5 “Bellini”.
You may read faster with the Word Runner.
Share content with your Family.
Unlimited Cloud Storage for your content (Photos, Videos etc)
With Kindle Fire HD, you can try Amazon prime for one month in free.
Watch thousands of TV movies and serials.

Over to You
Thanks for being on this awesome review of Amazon Kindle Fire HD. I have included everything about the feature of the Kindle Fire HD in my post. Apart from these from these features there are many more features. Hope you have liked my review. If you have any question, then feel free to ask me.

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