Amazon Kindle Devices at a Glance in 2016

Amazon Kindle DeviceAn eBook reader also known as an e-reader is a mobile electronic device. The device is primarily designed to read digital eBooks and periodicals. An eBook reader is similar to a tablet computer or better known as a tablet. The main advantages associated with an eBook reader are the better readability of their screens especially in the sunlight and longer battery life. Amazon has a collection of some of the most popular eBook readers in the world that comes with free Kindle Support from Amazon itself. Let’s have a precise look at their features and their pros and cons. Although Amazon has produced very robust Kindle devices but still they have some good thins as well as some bad. We are going to see each and everything that a Amazon Kindle Device has from the users point of view to find out most suitable Kindle device for you. We will start from the original Kindle and finish it on the latest Kindle Fire that has been launched only few years ago by Amazon Technologies Inc.

original-kindleThe Original Kindle:
The Amazon Kindle Device is quite an affordable eBook reader. It has also got Wi-Fi and sports a touch screen. It offers access to Amazon’s best collection of eBooks and has got a clean looking package. It is also one of basic Kindle device with limited functionality for eBook lovers. The battery life of the device is less than that of the Paper White and Voyage. However you will also get amazing Kindle Fire Support for this original Kindle from Amazon.

kindle-paperwhiteThe Kindle Paper White:
The Kindle Paper White doesn’t look any different from its predecessor. It looks like a lightweight rectangular slab with the display measuring 6 inches. The display has been placed between the black bezel. The screen is slightly sunken just like a photo frame. Kindle PaperWhite has a sharper and high resolution screen with built in class content ecosystem that can be managed from Kindle if you need it.

kindle-oasisAmazon Kindle Oasis:
The Amazon Kindle Oasis is rightly designed for the book worm inside you. The eBook reader has changed the way one reads novels or books. It comes with Amazon Kindle Support and a leather charging cover and has quite redefined the reading experience of an avid reader. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the Oasis. Kindle Oasis is one of the lightest Kindle device launched by Amazon with very good battery life. It also has a physical button to turn the pages. Kindle Oasis is not a waterproof device but it is a bit over priced.

kindle-voyageAmazon Kindle Voyage:
Amazon has crafted a great e-reader with the most dramatic overhaul. It has got a beautiful design with a more angular back fashioned out of magnesium and capped with glossy black plastic. It has got an impressive display and a vast content catalog. Kindle Voyage has got the best Customer Support and a lightest touch screen with better contrast and resolution with in built lighting. Kindle Voyage is also one of most expensive device from Amazon but it does not have much difference then Kindle Paper White.

kindle-fireAmazon Kindle Fire:
It is altogether a bargain tablet. If you can compromise without Google, this is a must buy. Amazon Kindle Fire range is quite affordable and runs on a friendly operating system powered by Kindle Tech Support. It also provided option to expend its internal memory with a slot to house and external memory card up to 32 GB capacity.

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