Amazon Fire TV Review 2017 With Pros and Cons

Amazon Fire TV

Some people might consider Amazon Fire TV as another entry to the crowded streaming media market. But once you go through its specifications, you will notice that it is not just an ordinary streaming media player. It can simply be defined as an innovative, powerful and a friendly device. Keep on reading this article to know more about Amazon Fire TV.

The design of Amazon Fire TV is not that attractive. It is just a matte black box and you can see a small Amazon logo on top of it. The designers have not even included rounded corners to the device. It has only the basic connectivity ports including optical audio jacks, Ethernet, HDMI and a USB port. The entire device is just 0.7 inches in height. Even though the developers have not paid much attention to its design, they have taken necessary measures to make it an unobtrusive streaming media player on the market.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV runs on the Fire OS. The user interface is smooth and you can navigate through the content with less hassle. On the home screen, you can see a lot of TV shows and movies. They are presented as icons, so you won’t have to go through much hassle when reading. On the left hand side, you can see a search option that can be used to look for movies, TV shows or games. The right hand side is reserved for quick links that can be used to access “featured’ and “recently used” media content.

Amazon Fire TV offers a wide range of apps right out of the box. In fact, it is compatible with almost all the top media streaming services out there. For instance, you can watch Hulu Plus, Netflix, ESPN, Crackle and YouTube from this media player. The developers have also considered about music lovers and they have included iHeartRadio and Pandora as a result. You can use its library without any hassle because of the open platform. To know more about the library you should get in touch with Amazon Kindle Fire Support on their toll free phone number.

A lot of media content is provided for the users of Amazon Fire TV. There is something for everyone in your family. Gaming features have helped Amazon Fire TV to gain advantage among competitive media players. You can purchase a separate gamepad for just $40 and engage with a wide range of games that belong into different categories. Voice search is another notable feature that has contributed towards the popularity of Amazon Fire TV.


  • Comes with a user friendly design.
  • Powerful hardware specifications.
  • Voice search is impressive.


  • Does not come with much native local streaming options.
  • The user interface gives priority to Amazon’s offerings.
  • Unrefined game controller.

To summarize, Amazon Fire TV can be considered as one of the best media streamers that you can see in the present world. It is packed with a lot of impressive features like voice search, gaming and many more. It can become the best media streamer out there with few more good games and apps including Vudu and HBO Go.

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