Secure Bit Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an independent company based in India, founded in 2012. The company was founded with a vision to provide hassle free third party technical support solution to residential consumers. We provide third party online tech support for desktop, laptop and other electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Our technical support team is a group of trained computer technicians who are experts on respective devices. Our trained computer technicians are proficient to fix most of technical glitch via remote support without taking the device to a repair shop. We can also help consumers to install and configure various third party software products on their computer without any hassle.


Computers are sophisticated devices thus they need special care to maintain good health and performance. Most of the residential users are not so much proficient with the installation and configuration of various software products thus they face problems with their computers. Here we play an important role by fixing most general problems with a comfort of sitting at home via remote control software. Most of the remote control softwares are equipped with full control at customer end.

Today most of the gadgets like mobile phone and tables are also very advance and complicated to operate. Our computer tech support team is specially trained to work on the gadgets and devices thus they are able to guide consumers with proficiency. Most of the problems with these devices can be fixed over the phone but in special cases we need to take remote control of such device for diagnostic purpose. However you will always have full control on your computer or device and you can anytime let our technician know if you want to end the remote support session.


Support You might be facing a very simple problem on your personal computer and dot know how fix that. Our technicians can help you to get rid of most of general issues and error within minutes.


Help It doesn’t matter which brand laptop you are using at your home, our computer tech support team is trained to diagnose most the brands and fix them with proficiency and full satisfaction.


Support We use electronic gadgets every day, they are our part of life these days. But at the same time they are complicated devices too thus need expert technicians to work and fix problems.